Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bali. Almost.

RM 7.20 for the tix fee to Bali.
RM 7.20 for the tix fee back to KL.
Keyed in everything.
Waited 2 minutes for the credit card transaction.
Then Airasia told me my selected promo is no longer valid.
10 minutes ago I was still clicking and choosing and hesitating back and forth between dates.
10 minutes after, ALL promos are not applicable anymore.
There goes my cheap getaway.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


WTF is happening to the world?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm old, i can't work 48 hours nonstop.
I'm hungry and tired.
Feeling a bit dizzy and minor headache.
Aging rocks!

Friday, January 23, 2009

09 CNY

I'm breaking the CNY customs this year.
No new clothes.
No new pants.
No new socks.
No new underwear.
No haircut.
Nothing's new, just the same old Ivan Low.

Monday, December 22, 2008


There's 1 spider and 2 ants in my tong yuan soup.
I'm still downing the whole bowl. The soup is nice and yeah i think it tasted weird.
Welcome, winter!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When You're Bored at Work

C.K. says:
captain ivan come in

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:

C.K. says:
captain what is tonite shcedule

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
we'll group at TTTT

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey

C.K. says:

C.K. says:

C.K. says:
aye aye sir reporting in

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
soldier.. plz inform the rest of the team

C.K. says:

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
this is an order

C.K. says:
report general, i'm still in battlefield

C.K. says:
radio signal low , unable to contact alies

C.K. says:
plz asist general

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
obey or u'll be stationed in the kitchen for the whole of december

C.K. says:
mayday mayday

C.K. says:

C.K. says:
u realy thought u r general

C.K. says:
C.K. says:

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
u start sin de ma

ivan: i think i lost weight.. says:
jin sohai

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proposal On CNY trip~~

Yo kapchians~~~Since we'd already long time didn't plan a trip for CNY and there is only 2 more months to be CNY, let's suggest a trip then let the kapchians can gathered together on this everyone's holiday CNY~~~weee~~~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 1

New job.
First day.
Caffeine overdose. Again.
Slept for 2 hours.
Renovation in the building. Inhaling glue/paint.
High at work.
No laptop yet.
No access card yet.
No email address.

I'm complaining.
Bad sign.
Did i made the right choice?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sent out a goodbye mail this Wednesday to all my beloved colleagues and the response was GOOD!! Sharing it here :D

Why i'm leaving? Here's why.

Luke: You bla bla bla.
Ivan: You bla bla bla too.
Luke: Huarrghhhhhhhh!!!
Luke: Why you always bully me?
Julie: Ya, why you always bully her?
Linda: Why you bully her? *twist my ear
Ivan: .....

* walking to the door to go toilet
Lei Yoon: GO AWAY!!!
Ivan: (huh?)
p/s: oh BTW, that's my line!!! TM.

Ji San: I HATE YOU!!
Ivan: .....

Ivan: #%$$#%
Eugene: Wahaha, gangster/cheras style~~
Ivan: .....

Sara: Ivan Low, the-chain-smoking-Hokkien-swearing-PE.
Ivan: .....

Sara: Ivan, you're a bastard.
Ivan: .....

Sara: Ivan, you're an antisocial bastard.
Ivan: .....
p/s: i don't speak Hokkien!!

Kar Mun: Ivan, your cannot make it la.
Ivan: .....

Ivan: Boss, got a new microsite bla bla bla and you got 1week to finish this, this and this. Oh and also that...
Calvin: Aiyo, meehon goreng la. Everytime also like that...

Callie: WHERE IS THE QC!!!??
Ivan: .....

Ivan: *shit...

And most important of all. I wanted to start anew and will tell people that i stay in KL. Yeap, just KL. Definitely will not mention "Cheras" nor"Pandan Indah"!

Nonsense aside, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my sifu, Jac for believing in me and gave me the chance of a lifetime to be her sidekick to join this big family. Boss, you're the best boss ever! Hope that i did not disappoint you.

To the rest of the bosses, thank you for your patience, guidance and also forgiveness even after all the screws that i've screwed up. Tight.

The small potatoes for being cooperative and helpful. I had a really great time working with all of you!

Finally, to the little one whose name that i shall not speak, thank you for not showing up in front of me. Oh BTW, go play with something else. There's a whole lot of stuff in the office except keyboard, duh~

This is my third job and i'd say the best job that i ever had. My 2 years and 2 1/2 months in Ogilvy are definitely not wasted. I've grown and learned a lot here. To all you rookies out there, be patience and hold on,trust me you will be rewarded. As what the old legend says, Ogilvy is a very good training ground. If you can survive here the outside world is nothing. *No, i was not paid by the management to write this.

Now that i have finally "graduated". It's time for me to go out and test water. Yea, don't worry i will update you guys on the authenticity of the legend. Fingers crossed.

Be nice to Seet Ling and Alvin, they're not like me. They're really nice people.

Thousands of apology if i was rude to anyone of you or if i have hurted anyone of you poor soul's feeling. I didn't mean it.

I won't be walking around to say goodbye. Cancerians are emotional bastard.I think i will just breakdown. You can start calling me names.. i don't care.

Keep in touch.I'm a Facebook and MSN whore. You can find/add me at

All the best folks!
Wish me luck!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Felda Plantation Resort | School Holiday Retreat

Hot Pool

Water Reflexology

The Rooms (Deluxe Rooms)
Egg Boiling
Traditional Massage

About the HotSpring Resort

Natural hot springs are a common occurrence in Peninsular Malaysia. This phenomenon occurs when water that seeps into the Earth is heated by magma; molten rock located beneath the surface of the Earth.The Earth’s pressure then causes the water to again rise above the surface, forming a natural hot spring.

The water flowing from the hot springs has several therapeutic healing effects. Since ancient times hot springs have been claimed to have positive effects on ailments such as:
  • Stiff joints and stress related ailments
  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Derma related complaints
  • Respiratory concerns
  • Spinal injuries and fractures
If you do agree and have the above symptoms of pre-matured-aging signs, guess it's time you need to do something with it. We will be getting the Villa A that comes with a pool behind behind the yard which can cater for 6 persons. 3 guys and 3 girls or squeeze a bit if there's extra. Sorry no couple room unless you want to get the deluxe rooms on separate account. Please see the below rate. Will get more information once the number of heads confirm.


Rate on weekdays

Rate on weekends

Villa A



Villa B



Deluxe Room



Activities you can do:-

+ Soak in hot spring (till your skin peels)
+ Be at the hot pool n join the crowd ( Sunway Lagoon but don't expect too high, deduct 40% from the actual visual)
+ Traditional Massage (by the experts, hmm... deduct 30% for the professional & skills)
+ Feast (snacks, sandwiches, bring own food, boiled eggs)
+ Water reflexology and
+ Sight-seeing

Date Proposed:

End of November when the school holiday starts because we would want everyone to join. This would give you guys ample time to apply leave (if you guys wanted too). Gonna cost slightly more on the room rates but not gonna cost a bomb.

Please confirm by 30th Oct 2008.

I shall work out a complete schedule and send out the list once everything confirmed. Kapchans are going back for school holiday. It's a retreat!

the Organizer